About Me

My first career of 23 years was as a graphic designer.

In 1999 I had a visit from a very tall and most beautiful Angel. He told me his name was Michael. I now know he was Archangel Michael, but at the time I didn't know of Archangels. He told me he was my guardian and took me on a very profound journey that would change my life forever.


Archangel Michael instilled in me that you must always come from your HEART.

This made me look deeply at what I was doing and how I was feeling. I was no longer enjoying my work as a graphic designer and my health was suffering sitting at a computer for long hours. It was time to changed my career. Looking into what my Heart was telling me, I chose to become an animal behaviourist.

For 16 years I worked with people and their animals as a guide, mentor, intuitive, healer, behaviourist & zoopharmacognosist.

I loved this work, but was increasingly feeling tired, unwell and unenthusiastic about all aspects of my life.


I knew I had to do something to bring my life back on track.


I had feelings of lack worth, which for most of my life I had managed to keep well pushed down very deep, continuing to suppress them year after year. I now know they played a big part in my unconscious belief patterns that were running my every day life. They dictated what I thought and how I responded to every event. This suppression of emotions (unbeknownst to me) was sucking my energy, my life force - making me sick and feeling depressed.

I embarked on a journey that would show me where I was giving my power away and how to gain it back. I have now brought myself back from suppression and unworthiness to feelings of Self Love and Empowerment - but most of all Energised and Inspired for Life!

The Most wonderful part about stepping into the realisation of who I truly am, is that it has opened my channels to receive Clear Guidance and Embody High Frequencies of Truth and Love.

© 2020 by Fiona Paul

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