About Me

My first career of 23 years was as a graphic designer.

But, in 1999 I had a visit from a very tall and most beautiful Angel. He told me his name was Michael. I now know he was Archangel Michael, but at the time I didn't know of Archangels. He told me he was my guardian and took me on a very profound journey that would change my life forever.


Archangel Michael instilled in me that you must always come from your HEART.

This made me look deeply at what I was doing and how I was feeling. I was no longer enjoying my work as a graphic designer and my health was suffering sitting at a computer for long hours. It was time to changed my career. Looking into what my Heart was telling me, I chose to become an animal behaviourist.

For 16 years I worked with people and their animals as a guide, mentor, intuitive, healer, behaviourist & zoopharmacognosist.

I loved this work, but was increasingly feeling tired, unwell and unenthusiastic about all aspects of my life.


I knew I had to do something to bring my life back on track.


I had feelings of lack worth, which I knew came from my childhood and social upbringing. For most of my life I had managed to keep them well pushed down very deep, continuing to suppress them year after year. I now know they played a big part in my unconscious belief patterns that were running my every day life. They dictated what I thought and how I responded to every event. This suppression of emotions (unbeknownst to me) was sucking my energy, my life force - making me sick and feeling depressed.

I 'Knew' or I thought I knew a lot of what to do with emotions and how you 'Get rid' of them after all the many workshops & gurus I had worked with. But I now 'know' that this energy is our 'Gold' our biggest teachers - to be recognised, embraced, loved & nurtured, and then changed into an energy that is uplifting and Life Giving.

I embarked on a journey of Shadow work to take me to what was controlling me. I have now brought myself from suppression and unworthiness to feelings of Self Love and Empowerment - but most of all Energised and Inspired for Life!

The Most wonderful part about going deep into my shadows and changing those energies is that it has opened my channels so I can clearly connect with Who I Truly Am; Receive Clear Guidance and Embody High Frequencies of Truth and Love.

© 2020 by Fiona Paul

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