Behaviour, Healing, Self-Selection & Lots of Love!

Video:- The cat above has not wanted to be touch for 2 months.

Within a short space of time it is enjoying being stroked, purring loudly & playing - Enjoy!

Casper first meeting......

......Casper the following day

Each session is unique


I will discuss with you the behavioural or health issues you are having with your cat.

On meeting the cat I will intuitively know what I will start with. I will often pick-up & feel in my own body areas of energy that are blocked in the animal & help to release them. 

Cats have a very acute sense of smell & recognise the plant essential oils.

They instinctively self-select the medicinal essential oils (by inhalation) to self-medicate themselves.

I have worked with many cats who have self-selected essential oils for physical & emotional issues -

rapidly (sometimes within the hour) bringing themselves back into wellness,

after which they no longer wish to inhale those particular essential oils.

Due to jumping & landing heavily a cat can be blocked energetically in various parts of its body;

Divine Energy Healing is readily accepted.

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