Healing Love Frequency Transmissions

During my journey of self-discovery and empowerment I started to become very much more aware that my healing frequency was increasing. I become one with the Intelligence of Universal Source Energy.


For me delving deep into the Shadow work processes has enabled me to unlock my blocked and suppressed energies making space for much cleaner, higher frequency energy to come in.

This higher frequency/vibration is like a key to unlock the door.


All healing is Self-Healing. I provide the frequency/vibration that you have been guided to and if you choose to match this vibration this becomes your healing. I offer the door and you choose to open that door or not. Not everyone will. Not everyone will get the same experience, some will, some will not.


You need to give permission to accept the frequency and your Soul then knows exactly what it is that you need at this time - no more, no less. My job is not to 'Fix' anything that you still need to learn. If you become totally healed it is because you no longer need to learn from this certain situation - you have learnt what you were meant to.


This Life is to show you your pure Divinity, your Beauty, your Power, your True Self.

Each and every day we are presented with 'Life lessons' to awaken us. Each and every day we asked to be Authentic, to be Honest, to be LOVE, to Forgive, to be Compassionate to ALL. It is calling you to uncover and embrace the power of your Anger, Greed, Judgements, Resentments and Guilt. All these energies held and suppressed in the body create illness. All of our cells have light photons within them and the more we suppress and hold on to these heavy dark energies the more these light photons get turned off.


We are quite literally putting out our light


Disclaimer: Healing is a complementary treatment & is not a replacement for professional medical care.

Please consult your medical professional if you have any medical issues.

© 2020 by Fiona Paul

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