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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Following my heart, I changed careers from a graphic designer to become an animal behaviourist, which I did for 16 years. Almost as soon as I started this career my Heart burst wide open to the unconditional Love and recognition I received from the animals. This, in turn opened the doors to the remembering of my intuitive and energetic abilities – I was getting back in touch with my True Self. 

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Whilst working as an animal behaviourist I could clearly see where the people’s energy and conditioned behaviours were affecting the animals. This is when I really first started using energy and intuition to not only guide me, but also to guide my clients. 

In 2019, I was called to South Africa by an Elephant who had come to me in spirit form three times that year. I arrived in November 2019 and on my second day out in the open-sided jeep I had a powerful face to face telepathic trance exchange with an Elephant who said he had been waiting for me. I also had a powerful telepathic trance exchange with a Lion, and the powerful energy of that Lion has stayed with me - this is when I first started to Channel, and the beloved Lions became one of main guides.

Since channelling the pure Love and Wisdom of the Animals, the Angelic Realm and the vast Universal Source Intelligence, the guidance has been very much towards guiding my clients to find their


Soul Purpose, Truth and Worth. 


Confidence, Clarity and Certainty 

so they

Feel Seen, Feel Worthy

and start living their

Highest Potential!

...You really are that POWERFUL!

To find out more about You, contact Fiona below to book your Free Discovery call:

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