A selection of some of the animals I have worked with...

Energy Healing & Re-Balancing

This horse had an incident with a gate 2 months previously. Shortly afterwards 2 sarcoids appeared on her underbelly - they rapidly grew to the size of small plumbs. She has been under veterinary care & has regular body work. I worked with her 10 days previously where she was anxious, finding it difficult to stand still / relax & was very defensive of her flank area. During that session she had energy work, wraps & powdered green clay applied to the sarcoids. During this 2nd session she self-selected yarrow essential oil by inhalation & guided me where she wanted it applied - poll, tmj, cheeks, neck, chest & croup. Intuitively I placed my hands where she wanted them. At the end she does an Extrodinary stretch. The following day a sarcoid fell off :)

Energy Healing & Re-Balancing

Working with this horse to release physical & emotional blocks. He starts to lick the area of my heart. I am sending energy & Love from my heart, as well as from my hands. This horse also self-selected yarrow essential oil which has anti-inflammatory properties & may assist the release of emotional wounds. Since this session the owner has remarked on his great improvement.


Energy Healing 1.

I start working on the scar area of the eye. Often when I am working I pick up sensations in my own body, sometimes I relay these observations. Here I mention to the owner the feeling I have of the horse scraping his tongue on his teeth. Then I feel a tingling / fizzing in the tips of my left toes. Watch what he does when I go to the tip of his left hoof .......

Energy Healing 2.

Continuing the session from the one above - I am using Ttouch wraps to bring awareness to his body as I am told he knocks himself quite often. He has also self-selected barley grass, but no essential oils. I am using the Divine energy to assist the release of blocks & trauma from the body...... big releases at the end.

Energy Healing & Herbal Self-Selection

For 2 months this cat has not wanted anyone touch her. Within a very short time she is enjoying being stroked, purring loudly & playing. She is offered Energy, Essential oils & lots of Love :) x


Dog Herbal Self-Selection

The dog is very specifically self-selecting only the brand it feels is the best one for him. He then moves into an emotional process while inhaling essential oils.

Energy Healing & Re-Balancing

This Alpaca is reactive & 'jumpy' around people. He does not relax easily.

I use a combination of Energy, Essential oils & Ttouch. At first he is unsure, but slowly he starts to release the tension.

It is wonderful to see how he reacts at the end.

Energy Healing & Re-Balancing

This dog is very alert to sounds & does not settle easily. He is weak in his hind end and lame on is front right.

I start by offering an essential oil that is calming & anti-inflammatory. Then move on to Energy Healing & Re-Balancing.

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