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Free your Mind
and Create your dreams!

''Fiona Empowered me''

''I could remember who I was and

what I came here to be.

I felt nothing but deep unconditional love from our connection.

It was truly Life Altering!''

Emilia USA

I channel the divine wisdom and frequencies of the Angels and the Ascended Masters.

We are here to lovingly guide you to the truth of who You really are so you can...

live your highest potential

Everyone is in search of the Truth, everyone wants to know who they are, everyone wants to feel worthy.

People have a hunger that is buried deep inside, intuitively knowing there is more to them than what they currently know.

Let's start this exciting journey together and create the life you've always wanted!



Free Discovery

A free 20 minute call

with Fiona to discuss what

you want to achieve and

who you want to be!

1-2-1 Private Transformation Journeys

Working intimately with the Angelic Realm and other high frequency Beings. We will create a custom-made journey tailored to your unique requirements, and what you are wanting to achieve.

Dissolving limitations and freeing your mind so you can create your dreams!

VIP Days,
Spiritual Holidays,
Speaking opportunities and much more...

There are a variety of different ways to work with Fiona.

Please contact her to find out about all the offerings


Emilia, USA

''My path forward has been illuminated!''

''I was at a crossroads on my journey, I knew I wanted something more, but I didn't know what that was. The moment we connected my soul felt the connection to the Angelic Realm and the Divine.

Fiona has given me insights into who I am, and confirmation of what I have come here to be.

She's empowered me so I could remember the TRUTH of who I AM.

I felt nothing but deep unconditional love.

It has been truly life altering!

I will never forget what has transpired between us, I am in awe of her connection to the divine, it is truly angelic.

I have deep gratitude for the gift of finding her,  Thank you Fiona''



My childhood was spent with horses, dogs and nature, free to come and go from the family home with little restrictions.

In my late teens I attended art college and studied to become a graphic designer. During my career working in the corporate business world, I moved further and further away from my innate love of animals and nature, and ultimately from knowing myself.

My health started to deteriorate, and I felt depressed and unhappy. At the time I did not recognise this as a sign from my body and my Higher Self to redirect me back onto my true path.​

In the year 2000, totally out of the blue, I had a visit from a very tall and most beautiful Angel. We immediately started communicating telepathically as if it was the most normal thing in the world, and he told me his name was Michael. I now know he was Archangel Michael, but at the time I didn’t know very much about Angels and Archangels. He told me he was my guardian and took me on a very profound journey that would change my life forever.

Archangel Michael’s parting words: ‘You must always come from your Heart’.

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