''I was not ‘seeing’ Fiona at all -

RA was transmitting through Fiona’s eyes and I was seeing a golden 'Being' sitting in front of me shining light into every part of my being.

I have felt the love and energy activations unfolding since our session in so many ways. 

Fiona is a truly gifted soul, deeply intuitive, down to earth and honest.

I recommend investing your energy and surrender into a session with Fiona as she operates from the highest integrity and love." 

This stunning picture was painted by Aaron Miller

I am humbled and honoured to Channel this Beautiful Energy -'RA The Lion Consciousness'


The PURE energy comes through my body and through my voice - This is TRUTH, This is LOVE.

This consciousness offers verbal Guidance & Truth, whilst transmitting The PURE LOVE frequency to unlock and activate the Remembering of your Soul.

During a session there maybe other Beautiful High Vibrational Beings wishing to come through depending on what is needed at that time for your Highest good, progression and remembering.

After the session many people report that they have an increased drive to create and fulfil their passions. Deep within them they believe this has come from the igniting of their Remembering.

© 2019 by Fiona Paul

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