''I was not ‘seeing’ Fiona at all -

The Energy was transmitting through Fiona’s eyes and I was seeing a golden 'Being' sitting in front of me shining light into every part of my being.

I have felt the love and energy activations unfolding since our session in so many ways. 

Fiona is a truly gifted soul, deeply intuitive, down to earth and honest.

I recommend investing your energy and surrender into a session with Fiona as she operates from the highest integrity and love."

PURE high frequencies emanate from

my Eyes, my Body - my Soul.

It is TRUTH - It is LOVE

These are Soul to Soul connections of Unconditional Love, Authentic Guidance and Truths.

My multidimensional self connects with your multidimensional self, in the field of Universal Source Intelligence. I embody the frequencies that your Soul is stating is needed for you at this time.

The transmitting of these PURE Divine Love frequencies act like a key to unlock and activate your REMEMBERING of who YOU Are.

Channelled guidance may come through if it is needed for you at that time.

People report that they have Heightened Intuition, Spontaneous Remembering's, increased Drive, Passions and Creativity.

© 2019 by Fiona Paul

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