''I was not ‘seeing’ Fiona at all -

The Energy was transmitting through Fiona’s eyes and I was seeing a golden 'Being' sitting in front of me shining light into every part of my being.

I have felt the love and energy activations unfolding since our session in so many ways. 

Fiona is a truly gifted soul, deeply intuitive, down to earth and honest.

I recommend investing your energy and surrender into a session with Fiona as she operates from the highest integrity and love."

I have dedicated Myself to clearing my mind and body of limiting programmed belief patterns. 


What I did not realise is by 'Clearing' these heavy negative energies - that these programmes are; that it would create in me a clear channel of connection to my Higher Self and Multidimensional Guides.


I now dedicate Myself to bringing through these frequencies and messages for the Highest good of ALL.

Whether you are wanting a session of channelled Pure Elevated frequencies or a more in depth session of transmuting conditioned programming, each session is dedicated to:


Clearing a pathway - allowing the Activation and Awakening to your own self healing. 


It is TRUTH - It is LOVE.

These are Soul to Soul connections of Unconditional Love, Authentic Guidance and Truths.

© 2020 by Fiona Paul

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